Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

Our Imam is stingy

The more you live is the more you see.
I Never know how cruel some Muslims are until I heard a man shouting inside the Mosque after solat subhi 
“Our Imam is stingy”
People were so suprised and asked him why do you say that?
Man: I don’t know why a man of God will be stingy to this level?
Imam: Can you please answer their question,why do you say that?
Man: Imam please take a look at our Board for monthly contribution is this not your name at the top? 
Imam: Yes
Man: Your name was placed at the top because you are a leader,you lead while everyone follows,When you do well others will do but when you don’t do others will not do
Imam: Can you please go straight to the point
Man: Okay why didn’t you pay your monthly contribution last month and this month? 
Imam: Hmmmmmmmmm okay
Man: What’s Okay? is that an answer to my question?is not good for a leader like you to be stingy even Quran doesn’t support stinginess,if we can’t spend on this mosque it can never move forward let’s spend on it together 
Imam: Please if I can ask you question what is our Sin?why do you people hate us like this?are you not working in a company?is this not your name on the list(he pointed to his name) When last have you paid your monthly contribution?Since last year and you are accusing me now
When last have you contributed in this Mosque progress? 
I am contributing my time and knowledge on this mosque Everyday and Night yet you people make it compulsory for me that I should also be contributing money but I didn’t complain.
now I didn’t pay for only two months and you are here calling me bad names do you ever ask me where i am getting the money am paying from?

Is it not a shame on you people to not be able to take care of the mosque and imams in a proper way?

Muslims Wake up
Our imams deserve a lot
Let’s make them proud of being among us

*By: Ebunoluwapo Al hareery*✍✍

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