Sat. Mar 28th, 2020


MURIC Director Prof Lakin Aintola enjoined Muslim ladies not to be disheartened by unlawful segregation, saying hijab remains the pride and nobility of womanhood instead of nakedness and other profane dressing regular in the general public today.

The Coalition of Muslim Organizations has held a rally in Lagos to remember the current year’s World Hijab Day.

They approached the general public to quit defaming ladies in hijab.

Individuals from the associations strolled from Maryland to Ojota, where their pioneers tended to more than 5,000 members.

The alliance involved (MSSN) Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria Lagos State Area Unit, Al-Mu’minaat, (HRAI) Hijab Rights Advocacy Initiative, (NASFAT) Nasru-lahi-Fathi Society, (FOMWAN) Federation of Muslim Women Associations of Nigeria Lagos section, (MPAC) Muslim Public Affairs Center, (GMP) Guild of Muslim Professionals, (LSCCM) Lagos Secretariat Community Central Mosque, Alausa, (MURIC) Muslim Rights Concern, Pristine Cactus Foundation, The Criterion and (IMWU) International Muslim Women Union .

As indicated by them, covering of heads with hijab has nothing to do with terrorism, instability and other criminal acts.

The gatherings, which likewise censured proceeded with separation and barbaric treatment of ladies and young ladies in hijab, said fear based oppressors had, previously, endeavored to utilize clothing, can drinks, natural products, sachet water, shoes and others to execute dread.

It asked why some area of the general population didn’t require the prohibition on those things utilized by the psychological oppressors however required the restriction on hijab and victimize those wearing it.

They urge the government at all levels to alert some exuberant educators and open officials to quit denying hijab-wearing ladies and young ladies their privileges as ensured by the  1999 Constitution as corrected.

Tending to the group, Hajia Mutiat Orolu-Balogun the Executive Director HRAI said the vast majority are ignorant that ladies in hijab experience discriminations from Organizations, Schools and Work places.

She stated: “Despite the fact that it is our essential right in getting driver’s permit and global identification and the National Identity Card, some may let you know, you need to expel your hijab, you need to draw out your ears, though the constitution permits us to wear hijab. We likewise have biometric guideline that doesn’t require a lady wearing hijab to evacuate it or draw out her ears. This is a type of attention to the segregation we face out in the open spots.”

MURIC Director Prof Lakin Aintola enjoined  Muslim ladies not to be disheartened by unlawful segregation, saying hijab remains the pride and nobility of womanhood instead of nakedness and other profane dressing regular in the general public today.

He stated: “Never be disheartened from utilizing your hijabs. You are the positive influencers and pride of the general public. You speak to the pride of the womanhood; you are the nobility of the general public. Let the individuals who need to go stripped keep on doing as such, your hijab is your identity.  The Constitution ensures opportunity of religion and no one ought to annoy you.”

Akintola said it was amusing that the world was spending gigantic assets to crusade against HIV/AIDs and other sexual maltreatment bodies of evidence against ladies without taking a gander at the zones of revolting dressing and different reasons for such maltreatment.

FOMWAN Amirah Dr Halimah Egberongbe clarified that hijab is a directive from Allah, which Muslims must comply.

“This assembly is intended to connect with the individuals in government to realize that hijab isn’t only a thought from an individual, yet a strict directive from Allah; and it is intended to be accommodated with,” she said.

NASFAT National Women Affairs Secretary Alhaja Suwebat Kupolati begged Muslim ladies to be acceptable envoys of Islam.

“The hijab united we all over the world, we are each of the one simply like the subject – ‘Solidarity in Diversity’. We are for the most part envoys of Islam. May Allah make it simple for our ladies to consistently depict the marvels of Islam any place they are,” Alhaja Kupolati said.

MSSN Lagos State Area Unit Amirah Bashirah Majekodunmi tested hijab-wearing ladies to take a stab at scholarly greatness.

“You should ensure you cling to the lessons of Islam. As hijabis, the lessons of Islam and ethics ought to reflect in our frame of mind and character. You should mean to be the best and accomplish the pinnacle of your picked vocations,” she said.

The Criterion Lagos State Amirah Alhaja Dhikratullah Matesun-Oshodi engaged Nigerians to empower ladies in hijab as opposed to embarrass them.

Her Al-Mu’minaat partner, Hajia Bushrah Adeagbo-Jubril, said the lady in hijab has each correct like other individual and she ought to be dealt with well.

She stated: “Nigerians should realize that the lady in hijab has natural and major human rights like each other individual. We have, along these lines, picked the stroll to exhibit Muslim ladies in hijab”.

LSCCM Women Affairs Secretary Hajia Aisha Adams hailed the Lagos State Government for permitting Muslim ladies in the common support of enhance hijab as per their conviction.

“We have not experienced separation in the Lagos common help, however there are such a large number of private associations that don’t permit ladies to practice their privileges,” she said.

She included that Muslim ladies are mishandled from multiple points of view, generally denied access to work.

A Deputy Director in the Lagos Ministry of Education, Hajia Bushrah Alli, depicted the hijab as an insurance for ladies from being attacked.

“Consistent with the expressions of Allah, If you are a genuine hijabi that has taken in the basics of hijab before you begin wearing the external hijab, any place you will be, you make an imprint”, she said.

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