Thu. Jun 4th, 2020

Procrastination is a silent killer

Don’t say I will do it later Do it now, the best time for it to be done is Now.

It was around 1:00am in the midnight

A man was sleeping 😴 in his house,suddenly he just wake up and noticed that someone is walking silently behind his window,he stared at the window and later discovered that the man was there to steal he laughed and said: Funny see this small thief trying to steal my property😀😀

I will keep looking him till he enter my house that’s when I will now get him arrested easily 
(He was on this watching the theif stylishly all of a sudden he just slept off)
It was around 8:00am in the morning When he wake up he found himself tied to one of his chairs with a thick rope and he looked around but everything in his house has been stolen he yelled for help and people rushed in to help him lose the rope 
He cried Sadly and said:

Procrastination is a silent killer

if I had known I would have shouted on him immediately I saw him(The thief)

Say No to procrastination

Everything good worth doing now now

Start now!!!

*By:Ebunoluwapo Al hareery*✍✍✍

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